VR is curing curiosity. Now you can check out that house on the hill.

Technology is going places and by places, I mean inside peoples homes.  Have you ever wanted to see the inside of that home up on the hill?  You know, the one with the gate? You may not be financially qualified to even step foot on the property but real estate is going virtual.  One company is stirring up things with their high end 4K infrared technology.  The company is Matterport.  Armed with one of their high tech cameras real estate professionals, tech gurus and talented photographers are creating immersive touring experiences for home buyers across the globe.  Speeding up sales and creating buzz is the name of the game.

You can tour these home on your PC, mobile device or in VR with your Samsung Gear VR goggles or a cheaper option Google Cardboard

Keauhou Estate – HI

Credit: Bacana Hawaii – Waikoloa, Hawaii

Weston, MA

Credit: Greg Moine Photography – Cambridge, MA

While these two homes may be spectacular there are situations where a virtual tour can be helpful during times of misfortune, such as the recent hurricanes and flooding in the U.S.  The next two homes highlight the nightmare that comes with a damaged home due to mother nature and fire.

Hurricane Harvey

Credit: Eric Overton – Dickinson, TX

Fire Restoration

Credit: Prism VR – Walton, KY

If you are interested in learning more about Matterport technology feel free to complete the contact form below.   There is a global network of service providers that cater to all industries and typically, we can recommend someone in your corner of the world.


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